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Hammerspoon your way to a tidy desktop

4 minute read

I can be a very particular individual. My application windows must be arranged just so… Each in just the right size and in the right position. As my laptop m...

Belly up to the Bitbar

1 minute read

I have cultivated a decent list of programmers and techies to follow. A week or so ago, one of them retweeted this:

Athena vs Q: Battle of the Data Parsers

11 minute read

What are we fighting for? Here at Traackr, we pull together data from a variety of sources and visualize it in various forms — bar charts, timelines, etc. Ty...

Book Review: SQL Antipatterns

1 minute read

SQL is an interesting yet temperamental tool in the programmer’s kit. You can use it to find amazing insights in your data, but you can watch a poorly forme...

A pipeline for cleaning up technical debt?

3 minute read

Traackr’s customer facing application is built on top of CakePHP and has accumulated its fair share of technical debt over time. One particular piece of debt...

Book Review: Agile Retrospectives

2 minute read

*cough* *cough* Goodness… It’s a bit dusty around here. Nearly a year of silence will do that. One of the goals our team had last year was to blog more. Thi...

Adventures in Two Factor Authentication

5 minute read

Off we go! Another hack week was upon us, and I had a definite idea in mind. I wanted to add two factor authentication to our web application. Having enabled...