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Belly up to the Bitbar

1 minute read

I have cultivated a decent list of programmers and techies to follow. A week or so ago, one of them retweeted this:

Athena vs Q: Battle of the Data Parsers

11 minute read

What are we fighting for? Here at Traackr, we pull together data from a variety of sources and visualize it in various forms — bar charts, timelines, etc. Ty...

Book Review: SQL Antipatterns

1 minute read

SQL is an interesting yet temperamental tool in the programmer’s kit. You can use it to find amazing insights in your data, but you can watch a poorly forme...

A pipeline for cleaning up technical debt?

3 minute read

Traackr’s customer facing application is built on top of CakePHP and has accumulated its fair share of technical debt over time. One particular piece of debt...

Book Review: Agile Retrospectives

2 minute read

*cough* *cough* Goodness… It’s a bit dusty around here. Nearly a year of silence will do that. One of the goals our team had last year was to blog more. Thi...

Adventures in Two Factor Authentication

5 minute read

Off we go! Another hack week was upon us, and I had a definite idea in mind. I wanted to add two factor authentication to our web application. Having enabled...

Review: The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

6 minute read

While I have reviewed the individual episodes for (find them here), I wanted to sit back and reflect on the series as a whole. Lupin fans hav...