Anime Boston 2003

1 minute read

Below is a dump of my notes from the very first Anime Boston.


Started only 15 minutes late with little confusion. Clearly evident people with prior con experience are running the show.

No costumes in sight yet, but already seeing the expected mix of interesting individuals.

Was close to the front of the line, but it still took about 20 min. to get my badge. Badges were not in order, and nicks didn’t help. Met Krellion as he was the one helping me at the window. He recognized my nick which was nice.

The goodie bag was nice; copy of Newytpe US along with a large program (no grid schedule though) and the requisite ad blow-ins.

Day 1 - Opening Ceremonies

  • PatrickD opens
  • Adam Ferrera opens w/lame jokes and local refs
  • First lame cosplay run-in from mascots
  • Second lame cos-play run-in
  • Way too much crowd cheering w/o alcohol
  • adv Dlw
  • bandai Jerry Chu
  • cpm no names given
  • guardians of order Mark McKinney
  • manga ent Keith Burgess
  • mechasoft no names given
  • pioneer no names given
  • syncpt. (3rd lame run-in)
  • aod Chris
  • various guests

Dealers Room

  • crowded
  • anime palace best selection & decent prices

Anime on web - panel

  • PatrickD & Lizzard
  • right to q&a

Bandai panel

  • lupin game? can’t say for sure but likely as they are releasing more games


  • no plans for other mamo dubs as no access to source
  • cartoon net ratings ok but not great
  • no plans for mamo name changes
  • they want to release as much tv as they can