My God… It’s full of snow…

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While I did not get to do or see everything I wanted to, I had a blast at Anime Boston. Kudos to the entire staff behind this event; having the dealers across the street relieved the stress on the hotel. It was very easy to get around to events and having the former dealers room as a panel room helped get everyone into the popular industry panels.

I got a late start Fri. as there was nothing much I wanted to see or do; slept in a bit and headed into Boston. Got to the hotel and wandered around a bit. Saw Chris at the elevators and said “Hi”. Wandered around a bit more until it was time for the ImaginAsian TV panel. I am really excited to see this happening as it has been a long time coming. The founders are making a huge effort to launch this Asian oriented channel right. After that, I headed over to the panel.

It may be a bit narcissistic, but I was hoping someone would mention me or my reviews during the panel. I get some feedback from the AoD community regarding my reviews, but I was hoping for some live feedback. Was not to be though; panel was fun as I now know a few more of the inside jokes between Chris and his friends.

Decided to skip the showing of Tokyo Godfathers and grab lunch before heading to the dealers to empty out my wallet. Managed to resist the abundance of Lupin toys at the Anime Palace booth but did pick up the mini-RC Cagliostro car set. Hit the Funimation booth to put the bug in Lance’s ear that Lupin fans are eagerly awaiting a new release from them.

Also picked up one of the small Macross Valkyries; that was the one disappointing purchase I have made in recent memory. It is OK, but it is a lot cheaper in construction than I had hoped. Digital Discs also had a stack of Lupin CDs that kept catching my eye; unfortunately, they were 30$ a disc. Glad I did not pick any of them up though as CD Japan has them for 25$.

Wandered around a bit more after that taking in the video game room, cosplayers, and a few shows here and there. Wolf’s Rain looks interesting and will likely be the series I pick up to watch this year along with the remainder of Witch Hunter Robin. Caught up with hamburger at the cel panel; was nice to meet her. She was a bit flustered by the horde of strange people crowding around her and her cel books, so I wished her well and took my leave.

Got home and slept in a bit longer than I wanted to Sat. morning. Made into Boston in time for the Bandai panel. After Bandai, I hit the “Learn to Play Go” panel and followed that up with the Geneon, ADV, and Funimation panels. Hit the dealer’s room one more time to pick up the Lupin/Fujiko speaker set and “Lupin/Fujiko on the steps” figure set.

Overall, I had a great time.

Pre Reg

It’s nearly 7:30, and I find myself in the (long) line to pick up my registration. It’s moving fairly well though the lights in here are very hot.

They have set up the line pretty well this year. I’m fighting off something; hope I am not catching the flu bug that has been going around at work.

Funimation panel

Lance presenting. Don’t look for a new Lupin title until Dec. They are still waiting for masters but should release them quickly once the first one comes out.

Geneon Panel

Chad presenting. Remastered Akira soundtrack in Aug. Lupin barely selling well enough to consider picking up more episodes. However, they have licensed more, but he did not know how many and more importantly which series.

Bandai panel

Jerry Chu presents (naturally). Kaze no Yojimbo looks good. Dragon Drive cute kid fun. Galaxy Angel cute and funny (1st & 2nd season). Stratos 4 looks interesting jet-based. Wolf’s Rain looks very good. More Ghost in the Shell!

Wolf’s Rain & GitS coming to TV soon. GitS in July & Wolf’s Rain in June. All GitS specials will be included. Kiba plushie w/Wolf’s Rain box.

Lot’s of fire alarms went off. Very annoying… Hi Jm!


The dealer room made my wallet ache. Too many Lupin goodies but too little money. What really hurt was the large stack of Lupin CDs including a Mamo and Babylon soundtrack going for 30$ each. I settled on a Lupin mini-RC car and a Macross figure.

I’ll likely end up grabbing the Mamo CD tomorrow… My poor bank account…

ImagineAsian panel

Justin Sevakis formerly of CPM presenting. Covers all major Asian nations from China to Phillipines. Basic cable in west with digital cable eveywhere else. Annoy your cable provider. Anime subbed and dubbed 3 hrs. a day except Sun. Anime primetime block as well.

Targeting shows that will require as little FCC mandated edits. Getting exclusive S Korean anime. Music videos w/subs. TV/idol dramas. Live-action cinema including Bollywood musicals.

Primetime shows will have hosted segments to inform about cultural notes.

Opening movie theater in Manhatten, state of the art. Asian food served. Can sub videos over 35 mm print, right on image. on air in Aug. Java based IRC chat coming soon.

Music videos first to get wrap around segments. Deal in west w/Equity Relations. No Pokemon!

Privately held by 5 Asian Americans. Aiming for 18 -35 demographic. Trying for satellite and VOD. Net streaming radio in the future.