Star Wars Episode III: Lucas’ Last Chance

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OK, so I downloaded the new Ep3 trailer that was shown on the OC last night. Damn, it looks like a sweet film, but the catch is that the trailers for Eps 1 & 2 both made those films look sweet. Ep2 wasn’t as much of a disappointment, but I’m not sure I can get my hopes up too high a third time. I’m going into Ep3 (or at least trying to) with very low expectations. The best I can hope for is a great death scene for Sam Jackson and maybe a brief Boba Fett sequence.

What I am more excited about is the upcoming second season/series of the Clone Wars cartoon coming out on 21 March. If the franchise ever does go to TV like Lucas hints might happen for Eps 7 - 9, I hope Lucas stays out of it and allows people like Gennedy T. to do it right.

But, I’m sure going to watch the trailer a few more times today.