Put not your faith in old adages

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Third time was not a charm; blew my entire lunch hour hauling DS#2 to the Watertown store for another exchange. The sales clerk tried pushing the extended warranty; bah! I took DS#3 out of the store and checked it in my car. There didn’t seem to be any volume issue, and I could not see any dead pixels. All cool, right?

Of course not; life isn’t that kind. I got back to the office and charged #3 up. Fired up Mario after the charge; volume control works… seems to be fine. Dead pixels on top screen… nope. Dead pixels on lower screen… yes, damn, damn, damn, yes.

The only up shot is that it is near the very top edge of the screen; it will bother me to no end despite this. But, I am not up for trying to run the Best Buy customer service gauntlet a third time. If it annoys me too much, I’ll just send it to Nintendo for repair. Three different stores, and three defective units… unbelievable.