Gunbuster One Coin Figures

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Picked up a case of these (6000¥) as an early Xmas gift to myself from HobbyLink Japan. I’ve been wanting these for quite some time, and I’m glad I picked them up finally. Gunbuster is one of my all-time favorites; had my eye on a Noriko figure on eBay but missed out on picking it up. Doesn’t appear to be selling anymore either. Oh, well; wasn’t meant to be.

The various mecha have extra hands if you want to pose them with a specific set of weapons. My only complaint is the lack of an anchor on the bases for most of the mecha. Would have preferred a small peg for their feet to hold them in place. But, they seem to be fairly stable when set up. I have a few extra figures left over; if you are interested in picking them up, let me know before I put them up on eBay.

Photos didn’t come out too bad, but I’m working on setting something up that will hopefully improve the quality. Will revisit these pics once I have things down. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the pics behind the curtain…

Case of figures View of the box for each figure Left to right:  Amano Kazumi, Takaya Noriko, Jung Freud Gunbuster! Side view of the mighty Gunbuster RX-7 Shizura Shizura Shizura (secret white variant)


Daniel Zelter on

Gonna get the new set from Bandai Visual?

@Daniel, Where I already have the R2 box set, I probably won't pick it up anytime soon. Unless the extras and/or the video are light years better than the R2, I'll probably wait until it is on a RightStuf sale for dirt cheap.

Hi! I am interested in some of the gunbuster figures. If you are willing to sell some of them could you write me back about which ones you have and how much you would sell them for?


@Kevin, I sent you an e-mail regarding the figures. Hope to hear back from you soon; thanks for asking!