Review: Elfen Lied Complete Collection

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Elfen Lied Complete Collection My review of the lackluster Elfen Lied Complete Collection. Agree or disagree? Sound off in the AoD forums and let me know.


Daniel Zelter on

Elfen Lied looks like some weird hybrid between Evangelion and Mermaid’s Scar. I’m guessing it got overhyped, because like Gantz, it tries to use a pseudo-analytical "approach"(i.e. slow camera pans and zooms and random introspective questions and whatever else appeals to the Hard Candy/Saw crowd) to its violence. Why don’t they make gorefests like Hokuto No Ken anymore? (Well ok, they did with the recent movies, but still…) Even the latest update of Guyver is desperately trying to be "deep"(read: emo). I guess I’ll blame it on Kite. Anyway, I take it you won’t be holding out for the OVA? ^_-


No real introspection or analysis but a lot of flashbacks just to get some sort of plot development. It had potential to be something decent, but they simply did not pick a direction and stick with it. The plot and, more importantly, the characters suffered for it. I've seen the themes/subject matter done much better in other titles.