I’m Big in Japan: Imperial Palace East Gardens (2005 May 8)

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Our bus took a nice scenic drive towards the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace (there are no good links for the gardens); we drove by Tokyo Tower and received a drive-by view of Tokyo city life. Spotted at least one Anna Miller’s along the way; I hear they have good pie. The garden was big but did not feel as large as the grounds of the Meiji Shrine. I feel this is due to Meiji being surrounded by trees where the Garden was more open air.

There was plenty of pretty plants and flowers though an iris garden was not in bloom at the time. Bet that would have looked stunning in full bloom. The Imperial Palace has many other gardens that are off-limits to the common man; also on the grounds are training dojos for the police and palace guards. We could hear some vigorous kendo training going on but could not see into the building.

Herded back onto the bus, we were off to the third and final stop of the tour, Asakusa.

Just across the street from the Gardens; tour guide Rika-san holds the lucky kitty flag to guide us across. Across the street Tokyo Tower in the distance The moat around the palace Entrance gate Courtyard Nice iron work Nice pond Jm Yours truly The kendo hall Lucky carp to keep away fires Heading back out