I’m big in Japan: Prologue

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It is a brand new year, and I still don’t have my on-line travelogue of my Japan trip up yet. It is coming close to the two year mark since I went, and I’m disappointed in myself for not getting this done in some form yet. I could come up with plenty of excuses, but they are just that, excuses. So, I’m going to force myself to sit down and do it over the next two weeks or so. Finally having a starting point glaring at me is motivation enough to finish the job; there will be pictures galore, a daily breakdown of money spent, tips for those planning to travel, and more.

I’ll likely enlist the help of my wife to refresh my memory on things; without her, this dream trip of mine would probably have never happened. I’ll spoil the fun a bit and say that it was the trip I always dreamed of and hope to go back as soon as financially able. Hope you will enjoy reading as much as I will reminiscing.


Daniel Zelter on

You could always skim through “Cruising the Anime City” by Patrick Macias to help refresh your memory.

Luis Cruz on


I could, but he wasn’t on the trip with me. So, no help there. :)