Figure: 1/7 Motoko Kusanagi SAC 2nd GIG PVC

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Ah… spring is finally here in New England, and some authentic sunshine means I can finally get some decent shots of my figures. Ordered this figure from Hobby Link Japan when I ordered the Gunbuster and Tachikoma trading figures. Almost missed out on it because I pre-ordered a bit late; it was set to ship, but the order went to back ordered then to discontinued. E-mailed HLJ, and they said they will try to fulfill all pre-orders.

Two days later, I received a shipping notice for the figure. This is a fantastic figure, well sculpted especially in the face. Kusanagi’s mood alters depending on the angle you view her. She can stand upright without the base; getting her onto the base was a bit of work. The peg holes in her feet were a bit smaller than the actual pegs. Took some careful working to get them to expand enough to slip her on the pegs. The gun hand doesn’t hold the gun tightly, but both of these are minor niggles in an otherwise sharp figure.

Salute the Major, or else... Love this angle; gives us a wistful look. Bit more determined at this angle Pensive...


Daniel Zelter on

I take it you’re gonna get SSS? I’m only into the Oshii versions of the series myself, but I’ll still get GITS 1.5 whenever DH compiles it into TPB form.

Luis Cruz on


I'll pick it up at some point, but I have to pick up and get through Innocence and SAC 2nd Gig first.