Review: Wings of Honneamise

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Wings of Honneamise While I do not have a HD-DVD player yet, I have managed to take a look at the DVD side of Bandai Visual’s release of the classic Wings of Honneamise. This film still moves me after all these years; let the AoD forums know if it moves you too.


Daniel Zelter on

So does this mean you’ve already taken sides in the format war? ^_- Or is that just borrowed? BTW, if you really want whatever BV’s currently released cheap[I.E. through online discount stores], you better get it now, before Geneon stops distributing for them soon, and you’re forced to settle for dot-anime.


Nope, no sides taken yet; still need to buy a better TV first before I even think about an HD player. Just worked out since another reviewer got the Blu-ray version sent to them.

Daniel Zelter on

Oh, and I just noticed your Right Stuff analogy, and always that the only reason Manga put it out here in the first place was because of Apollo 13.