I’m big in Japan: Back to Kyoto; mmm… sushi (2005 May 17)

1 minute read

After enjoying the garden, we stopped across the street and had some green tea soft serve ice cream (500¥). It was dispensed via a nifty machine; the lady popped in a round container of ice cream. Looked like a small butter container, but the machine turned it into one perfect cone. Wish green tea ice cream would catch on in the US; would love to pop down to the corner for a cone like that. Hopped back on the train and had a less crowded commute back to Kyoto.

For dinner, we decided to try some sushi at Kappa Zushi along Pontochō-dōri. The Lonely Planet guide recommended it, plus it supposedly had an English menu. It did have an English menu, but we left ourselves in the hands of the chef. While a number of items were familiar, there were some we’ll likely never know what they were. I believe one of them might have been some sort of flower; another had a rather mushy consistency but was quite tasty. Had a difficult time getting the octopus and one other piece down; kept chewing and chewing but couldn’t get it to break down quickly. After finishing our delicious sushi set, we just strolled around Kyoto soaking up the nighttime atmosphere. Grabbed two drinks from a vending machine (150¥) and retired to our room for some game shows and sleep.