Review: Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water Perfect Collection

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Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water Perfect Collection I take a second look at the Gainax classic Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water. It is still enjoyable but showing its age; let the AoD forums know if you agree.


Daniel Zelter on
While the press for the series bills it as based on the Jules Verne novel, the similarities end at the name of the sub and its captain.

But the similarities between it and a certain Disney film are still up for debate. ^_-

She is opinionated, stubborn, and obnoxiously shortsighted about everything. This could have been death for her character, something that would drive the audience away. However, the audience can relate to her attitude and her growth into a more mature individual along the way.

So you're saying she's more tolerable than Asuka?

When it was first released, it was considered a classic by the bulk of fans, and I tended to agree with them. Sitting down with it after a decade since I first saw it, I cannot say that I am as enamored with it now. It certainly has its place in history, but it is showing its age. It perfectly captures the spirit of the golden age of serial cliffhangers, but the story does not feel as compelling as it did on the first viewing.

If it makes you feel better, I still wonder why Future Boy Conan is considered a classic.

Luis Cruz on


Oh, no; Disney has never heard of anime, especially titles like Kimba. *cough*

Never found Asuka annoying; thought her character was well-defined.

Never seen much of Future Boy Conan to really make a judgment there. If the island episodes were excised from Nadia, I think it would hold up a bit better, but much like the old serials, they just work better closer to the time period they were originally done. Too much comes after that can take the same premise and do it even better.