Review: Golgo 13 Episode 04

1 minute read

Duke’s mission this episode is to kill another mafia boss so his arm candy Linda can be free to start a new life in Florida. However, the boss is a recluse and guarded by a man whose quick draw rivals Duke’s. This is Golgo 13 though, and he executes a brilliant plan that negates all those factors and gives Linda her freedom, though not in the manner she wanted.

Again, we are treated to a look into how Duke’s mind operates; his target is rarely visible providing him a slim window of opportunity. The target is also guarded by a highly skilled pro; here we see Golgo 13 methodically stalk his prey, assess the situation, and find a way to use turmoil within the gang as the perfect cover to fulfill his contract. I’d love to sit in on the story writing process for this series; I imagine it works backwards from the desired goal. “If I had to step in Duke’s shoes, how would I manage to pull this off?” Duke’s character isn’t defined simply by physical prowess; his intellectual prowess gives him the edge that has made him the best in the business.

What really stood out for me though was the character of Linda; they start her off as the poor, naive country girl that was duped into becoming a mob wife. As the story develops, we see that she is not the helpless victim we first thought. She is a spoiled child at heart that wants the objects of her desire but without any of the unpleasant consequences that might be attached. It isn’t until Golgo 13 puts a bullet clean through her that she realizes this ugly character flaw.

Four episodes are in the can now, and the series shows no sign of deviating from its episodic format. However, the writers are managing to keep the stories fresh enough to keep me watching.