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As you may or may not know, I began reviewing DVDs for a few months back. Initially, I would send in my alternate angle reviews to AoD for Lupin titles and was tapped to write the “AoD Recommends” piece for Akira. When I went to Anime Boston back in April, Chris had mentioned in response to a question during the AoD panel that he wished he had someone local to just dump off discs and have them review them. As I was an unemployed software developer in a bleak economy, I decided to take a shot and offer to be that person.

I let a week or two go by so Chris could recover from the con and get back to business as usual. I emailed him with my offer to help but received no immediate reply. Did not think much of it; he did not really know me that well, and it was a shot in the dark. A bit of time passed, and Chris ended up emailing me and taking me up on my offer.

And that’s the story of the first caramel cod… er, I mean how I became an AoD reviewer. So far, I’ve been the official AoD Viz lackey; to date, I have reviewed Trouble Chocolate, Great Dangaioh, Project ARMS (on-going), and Inu Yasha (on-going). I am my own worst critic which means that I am never really happy with the quality of my reviews, but there are a few I feel that are really good. Overall, I feel that my writing style is becoming stronger with each one.

But look at me… rambling away and nowhere near the point of this post. Since I have caught up on the backlog of Viz titles, Chris has switched me to being Box Set Boy. So, I have a nice brick of City Hunter sitting on my coffee table. Have never seen any of it before and only knew a few tidbits on its premise and style.

Having now watched 2.5 discs, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. It is turning out to be more enjoyable and more humorous than I expected. Sure, it has no grand scheme and no direction for the plot or characters, but it has the right dose of action and slap-stick comedy making it a guilty pleasure. It is definitely a pleasure to be enjoyed in small doses though; as I am creeping toward the fifth and final disc, I am feeling burned out on its predictable humor and plots.

Once I’ve had my fill of mokkori, I’m on to more box sets (Southern Cross and Cyber Forumla). For now, I would recommend that you pick up some City Hunter (not necessarily all) and enjoy it every now and again until you get through it.