You’ve mastered a dead tongue; let’s see how you handle a live one!

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I really miss taking a Japanese language class; I took one at Harvard for a year and really enjoyed it. As seems to be my way, I could read the language easily but actually trying to form or process spoken sentences was a chore for me. But, it has been roughly two years since my last class, and my vocabulary and kanji recognition have atrophied.

Part of why I stopped going was due to finances and due to the fact that my new (and now defunct) job was too far away. I still have books and learning tools around me, but I manage to always start back up with self-studying and then flop after a week or two. Apparently, I cannot provide myself with the sort of structured learning I require.

Some day I hope to get back into a class or at the very least find someone who will talk and write to me in Japanese. But for now, I think I will try to put the carrot out in front of me and apply the whip liberally. Now where are those books of mine?