It may live, but it ain’t all good… but it ain’t all bad either

1 minute read

My Treo apparently suffered another wound during the latest round of DIY repairs. Let’s recap; my Treo’s battery was pretty much dead. Couldn’t hold a charge. Found an on-line store that sold replacement batteries and installed the new battery myself. Battery was replaced fine, but I managed to break the toggle that switches it from ringer to vibrate mode. Treo is permanently stuck in vibrate mode.

Now, I managed to drop the darn thing two weeks later, and it wouldn’t boot. Opened it up again and managed to fix it. Can you guess what isn’t working now though? Take your time…

Give up? Except for two keys, the entire middle row of the keyboard is dead. That’s the letters “asdfghjk” all gone along with any shift/numeric items associated with them. Ugh I do not want to open the thing up again, so I am hoping I can limp along with this until the first of March. Either the T600 for T-Mobile will be out by then, or the rumored T610 will be announced.

Now for something completely different; I am getting along in years which means that hair is beginning to sprout from places I really wish it didn’t, such as my ears. After watching eBay for a week, I finally decided to break down and pick up a MicroTouch Trimmer from a seller there. You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV; trims hair easily and safely from just about anywhere. I was a bit skeptical, but it was only $10. I’ve blown $10 on worse things; got it in Saturday, and I must say that it lives up to its advertisement. My ears are hair free as are other areas of my body now. I just say that Dr. Evil was right and leave it at that. ;)