I’m Henry the 8th, I am, I am… and other sundries

1 minute read

Meh… last night’s Simpsons had a few funny moments but ended up being mostly dull. The magic just hasn’t been there for the show for quite some time. I hope they hang it up soon so they can focus more on getting the DVDs faster.

I am happy though that my body decided to finally give me a decent night’s rest. Definitely needed it and deserved it as I managed to nail down a problem with the code at work that had been bugging me since I left the office on Friday. Unfortunately, my body decided to hit the snooze button one too many times this morning causing me to get on the road for work later than I needed to.

Add in a bad accident that jammed up traffic, and I rolled into the office much too late. To top things off, it appears that the Toyota dealer frelled up my brakes. Last Friday, the warning light for my brakes came on; checked the fluid level when I got to work to find it low. Fine… maybe the mechanics just didn’t bother to top off the level after doing the recall work on the brakes. Hit the Sears Autocenter during lunch and got some brake fluid.

Drove a bit on the weekend with no problems, and there appeared to be no fluid leaking anywhere… no puddles under the car, no dripping from the chassis, nothing. Midway through my morning commute, the brake light comes on again. Fluid level was way too low; sigh back to the dealer tomorrow morning. If they think I am paying for them to fix this, they are really full of dren.