I’m a little bit high; I’m a little bit low…

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I’ll start off by saying that I am tired… very tired… My body has decided for the past ten days that three hours of sleep is my limit. Anything after that requires that I be woken up every hour after that limit. I hate it when it decides to get in this cycle; the only thing worse is when it decides to be downright obstinate and cause full insomnia for days on end. bleh Somehow though, I manage to get through the days with some semblance of energy. I think it has something to do with the fact that I actually have a rewarding job (for the moment) to go to every weekday.

Other than that, life lately has been a series of bizarre karmic turns that manage to keep things balanced. This past Saturday was quite busy; my wife had to work in town (Cambridge), but I ended up sitting at the car dealer for a few hours having my car receive its (belated) 30K tune-up. Lack of wife balanced by extended chore. After getting the bill and seeing the labor charge, I was quickly reminded why I put off servicing my car for so long.

Another balance to my wife working nearly all of Saturday was that it gave us the chance to eat at Koreana, a Korean/Japanese restaurant we had a gift certificate for. Of course, to even the good out, I managed to do something incredibly stupid before going to eat as well as dropping and breaking my new Treo 270. And just after I blew $50 on a new battery for it… So, I have to figure out how to replace my electronic brain for cheap. Will probably bite the bullet and try one of the cheaper auctions on eBay and pray that I don’t get ripped off.

Dinner was very yummy though; we were daring and tried the "BBQ it yourself" meal. The staff must have known we were new because they didn’t give us much of a chance to do it ourselves; they were very helpful and turned our food items on the grill for us. Was hoping for a very special dessert after dinner, but it was not available this weekend.

But, I did get a few items in the mail today to cheer me up. First up, MegaTokyo Volume 2 arrived in the mail giving me some much needed reading material for a rainy day. Second up was another disc to review from Chris Beveridge. And to top it off, Stephen Tang of Geneon (formerly Pioneer) Entertainment spent me a box of Lupin goodies. Got a Mamo retailer box, promo copies of volume four and five (contest fodder!), and some assorted Lupin gatachpon.

Settled in this evening for a disc of City Hunter while Jm was at school. Needed the laughs, and it provided. Now if I could only get some sleep…