A little of this, a little of that

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Been an interesting week so far; work has been mellow for the most part. This was due partially to the fact that I worked from home on Wed. Amazing how much you can get done with a bit of peace and quiet. Part of the reason for working at home was an old college friend was in town. Haven’t seen Kinnith since my wedding; went out to dinner with him and some of his colleagues that were attending the same training session as he. Would have liked to spent more time chatting, but it was good to see him if only for a bit.

I also finally purchased a Panasonic RP-82 DVD player, brand new, from my friend. Gustavo bought the remainder of some Canadian store’s stock about a year or so ago. Now that I have a steady job, I purchased the last of them off of him. Had to buy a new audio cable though as the coax cable for my Pioneer DVL-919 did not seem to work with the RP-82. Now I just need a TV that can play progressive signals back, and I’ll be all set. :)

Plugging the new player revealed my first snow day project; I seriously need to pull all my components out and rewire them nicely. It’s a rats nest back there at the moment – too many tangled cords.

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