The Lion King

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As a delayed birthday gift for my brother-in-law, Jm and I took him to the Lion King musical at the Boston Opera House. I had never watched the film due to the whole Tezuka/Kimba controversy but knew the basic gist of the plot. Jm wasn’t sure I would enjoy it, since musicals are hit or miss with me. However, I did enjoy myself; the plot and music were OK, but it was the thought put into the artistry of it that impressed me most.

The puppets and props used to create the animals and setting were very inventive; being the engineer/geek, most of the production was spent trying to figure out how they were doing certain things. It is definitely a feast for the eyes, but the overall story did not really draw me in as much as other musicals. Glad I went to see it though.

Maybe I’ll break down and see the movie, but I doubt I will.