Reviewing the Sacred Bull - Disc 2

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Greetings all; I’m back from a much needed vacation with my thoughts on disc two of Evangelion (episodes 6 - 10). I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has commented on previous posts.

Have to say that the Japanese 5.1 mix for the series keeps blowing me away; while the show may not look as modern, it certainly sounds like it is. But the visuals are no slouch either. It may not have the CG glitz and glossy polish of modern titles, but it still looks damn good to the eyes.

Other continuing surprises are the growing cast of characters and the comedic touches applied as they interact. The addition of Kaji and Asuka to the cast have brought some bravado and swagger to the team. And the writers know just when to play the various personalities off of each other for well-timed, appropriate laughs.

The plot hasn’t completely sucked me in yet. There are some interesting threads being spun, but I’m not yet at the "I must pop in the next disc ASAP" point with it. There certainly are some mysteries surrounding the angels and just how much Ikari Gendo and the rest of the secret cabal know about them, and these do provide a decent hook to come back for more. Just haven’t had that "wow" or "holy shit" moment that makes a series own me.

New questions lingering in the mind:

  • Are the angels only attacking Japan? It certainly seems like it, and I suspect this has a lot to do with the research Gendo/NERV is conducting.
  • Speaking of the rest of the world, the UN and other countries are providing resources for the NERV project (e.g., Unit 02 was in Germany, probably built there). How much of the world’s economic and industrial infrastructure was destroyed by the 2nd Impact? With 20,000 people starving to some extent, how many nations are in a position to help Japan and NERV?
  • A 2nd Impact implies a first; is the 1st Impact the explosion that scientists believe killed the dinosaurs? Does Gendo/NERV suspect that the 1st Impact was also caused by something similar to the cause of the 2nd?
  • The first tie to Biblical Adam has finally arrived; is Eve far behind?
  • Mentions of Unit 06 and 08… what happend to units 3 - 5 & 7? Did they sink into the swap (except for 7 which burned down and then sank into the swamp)?

And the lesson learned from this disc… Dance Dance Revolution might be humanity’s only hope. As always, comments welcome but try to keep them spoiler free. I’ve gone almost ten years without being spoiled; don’t wreck the streak! :)