Reviewing the Sacred Bull - Disc 3

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Five more episodes of Evangelion (episodes 11 - 15), so it’s time for some more thoughts.

They are certainly being more overt with the religious allusions now. Not content with Christian symbology (crosses, crucifixion, etc.), they are piling on Babylonian (Marduk) and Jewish (Dead Sea Scrolls) references as well. Probably plenty more not coming to mind, but they are definitely crossing into the metaphysical territory on a regular basis.

A trio of supercomputers run the Neo-Tokyo 3 government… interesting. A giant game of SimCity using real people.

Very few of the characters seem to have good relationships with at least one of their parents. Whole lotta dysfunction going on…

The conspiracy deepens… it is not just a select group of men jockeying for money and power. There are a number of parties each trying to outmaneuver each other to follow their own "script". This facet of the plot grows more interesting, but it still seems to be at a simmer rather than a boil. The end of episode fifteen might be what really heats it up though.

I’m enjoying the character development overall; there are no dramatic changes going on, but the interaction between them is subtle and interesting.

There were some great small moments here and there in this disc. The end of episode fifteen came close to the "holy shit" moment but just missed it. High hopes though that sixteen and on will fully suck me into the series.