Review: New Getter Robo Box Set

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New Getter Robo My latest review tackles the splatterfest OVA New Getter Robo. Talk about the review in the forum thread if you so desire.

Change Getter One!!!

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Daniel Zelter on

I really wanted to like this one, since I'm into the sentai stuff of Go Nagai, but the writers for the OVA apparently thought I'd rather see a mecha show where the pilots fight more than the robots.

Dunno how much you're into Go Nagai, but I'd probably recommend whatever's from ADV more. My favorites are Mazinkaiser, Shin Getter Robo(shortened to Getter Robo here), Kekko Kamen, and Shuten Doji. But most non-Go Nagai fans should probably check out Cutey Honey and Devil Lady.