New Lupin PS2 game! Translation is tough!!!

2 minute read

A random comment in a post to the Y! Lupin the Third group combined with the recent Tokyo Game Show made me check out the official Banpresto game site to see if anything new was on the horizon for Lupin-based gaming. Much to my surprise, there is a new PS2 game coming out in 2007 February. Woo hoo! Go visit the site to check out the screen shots; the site is in Japanese, and be warned that the site will resize your browser window.

As an exercise to keep my Japanese learning going, I decided to try translating the title and game summary. Yeesh… I don’t know how professional translators do it. I cobbled together a rough translation of the summary, but I honestly don’t know how close to the actual meaning I am. I think I am decently close, but there were some parts (you’ll spot them I’m sure) that just didn’t want to turn into pretty English.

The title roughly translates to “Lupin is dead, Zenigata is in love” (possibly better as “Lupin is dying, Zenigata is in love”). The story description posted roughly translates as the following:

The setting is Sokai City, an ancient Asian city. On a rainy day, Fujiko asks Jigen and Goemon to meet Lupin in Sokai City. However, the city is quite popular since it will be cruelly closed in three days.

Suddenly, a mafia group known as Tenryuukai appears, and Lupin is attacked by the “assassination fist” technique… This surprise attack causes him great chest pain, and his life now has a time limit…

At the same time, a certain daughter’s bodyguard visits Zenigata in Sokai City. The girl’s heart and mind are shut, but Zenigata’s honest struggles changes her mood.. Usually, Zenigata and flowers don’t mix. But his chest is beating with passion!?

With three days of adversity left, Lupin smiles and believes this is time enough? Failure in the end means the devil!? Will Lupin reach a fateful meeting with Zenigata and the woman he guards?! Oriental feeling overflows in Sokai City, as the death and love drama begins.

Again, this is a rough translation, the best I can do. But, I think this combined with the screen shots means that you will get to spend a good amount of time playing both Lupin and Zenigata this time. And as a special present to my blog readers, you’ll find the character images used on the official site ripped out of the Flash files for your downloading pleasure.

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