Review: Inu Yasha Volume 55

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Inu Yasha Volume 55 That’s it! I’m done! Finished! I wash my hands of Inu Yasha in my review of volume 55. Did anyone else make it through this dog and demon show? Tell me your thoughts in the AoD forums.

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Daniel Zelter on
Inu Yasha is an example of a series hobbled by its own popularity and the inability of its author to plot out an ending. While it had its memorable moments, the series dragged on far longer than needed. Once we arrive at this final volume, the plot and character development is moving on fumes, nearly all interesting aspects exhausted. Due to the never ending story that is the manga, there is no resolution to the story leaving it open for continuation. However, it does not exit the stage leaving the audience wanting more; all it promises is the same material it has already flogged for 167 episodes. It ends not with a triumphant howl but with a pitiful whimper.

You know, you can easily replace IY with Ranma, and it wouldn't change the meaning of your statement one bit. ^_-