Review: Inu Yasha Volume 54

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Inu Yasha Volume 53 I’m just one volume away from washing my hands of Inu Yasha; how does volume 54 fare? Read my review and respond in the AoD forums.


Daniel Zelter on

So are you gonna sell these on E-bay when you're done with them? You know, I really want to get all of UY one day, but I'm worried it'll suffer from some of the same problems as Inu Yasha, albeit not as frequently as IY, but still...(I only got the SE of the second movie from CPM, cus of the Oshii commentary, and cus, if they lose the rights, the extra might not wind up on the next dvd...)

I ironically quit Maison Ikkoku after Viz put out the uncut versions of the manga, because those deleted chapters put Kyoko and Godai in a more unflattering light. (Godai came off more as a jerk, and Kyoko came off more as a tease.) But that one was already starting to get old around the halfway mark, when Takahashi introduced redundant characters like Nikaido, who is basically a geekier version of Mitaka, and Yagami, who is an assertive version of Kozue. Plus the story got more depressing, and while it likely gets better in the end, there's only so many times I can stand to see Yusaku striking out before it stops being funny.

Oh, yes, back to Inu Yasha. That kind of series makes me glad Akira Toriyama DIDN'T write anything major after Dragon Ball.

Luis Cruz on


The DVDs are not mine to sell; they are sent back to Chris when I'm done.

UY TV is a different beast where it is an episodic comedy. I've watched all of it, and it does have spots where the gags and stories are long in the tooth. However, you aren't watching the show with the purpose of a larger plot coming to a resolution. You can jump in and out of UY and just find the laughs, etc. you want.

Daniel Zelter on

BTW, if you want a Takahashi knock-off which doesn’t feel like it’s worn out its welcome like a real Takahashi series, I recommend Midori Days.