I’m big in Japan: Kyoto Handcraft Center (2005 May 15)

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Our tour was over, and the bus took us to the drop-off spot, the Kyoto Handcraft center. The center was filled with scrolls, paintings, ceramics, and other touristy items. Jm picked up a scroll and a painting (18286¥) for herself and noted some other items as possible gifts for friends and family. Our records indicate that somewhere along the tour, we picked up ice cream (600¥) and water (200¥). After dropping off our purchases at the hotel, we spent the remainder of the day just walking around downtown Kyoto browsing various shops along the Teramachi-dōri covered arcade. We weren’t very hungry, but we spotted a Mr. Donut and grabbed a couple of donuts for dinner (828¥). Doesn’t make for an exciting narrative to end the day, but it was fun to just unwind and explore the downtown area.