Figure: Revoltech VF-1J Super Valkyrie

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Pre-ordered this from HobbyLink Japan as soon as I saw it cross the various Japanese figure blogs. Had heard good things about the Revoltech line of figures in general and figured I’d give this a shot. At 1805¥, this was an easy choice for a long time Macross fan. Have been playing with it for a bit today and am generally pleased.

Figure is well boxed including an obi strip around the bottom; how did this become so ubiquitous in Japan? I’ve never seen this used anywhere else; anyone out there see obi strips in other countries? Back on topic… Figure and its various snap-on bits are nicely sandwiched between a molded, snap together plastic shell. Alternate hands and the stand are sealed in a separate baggie and taped to the back of the shell. Right out of the package, I noticed some minor issues with the figure:

  1. The most noticeable issue was the knee joint of the right leg. It didn’t seem to close to a nice seam like the left and as seen on the packaging. I tend to think this is a defect, especially where the joint doesn’t make the clickity noise the others do when moved. It’s only an issue if you pose it standing straight up, but it was an instant annoyance.
  2. There was a bit of paint scuffing above the left knee joint; you can’t tell unless you get close to the figure.
  3. The packaging shows the head can swivel to the left; trying to swivel my figure’s head makes it feel like it will snap off.

Still, this is a fun and well-built figure, well worth the $15 spent; most of the snap-on bits fit snugly, but a few are too snug and require a bit of working to slot them. Joints loosen up a bit as you use them but still retain a "snappy" feel. You can pose the figure and not worry about a joint slipping out of place. The stand has a peg for an on-the-ground pose via a foot hole and a special up-right piece if you want to use the cockpit hole to stand it up.

Another up-right piece allows you to suspend the figure in mid-air; there is a special orb to attach the figure via the cockpit hole. Promotional shots show it with a peg sticking straight out, but mine seemed to be at a right angle to the one that holds the orb in the up-right. Gently playing with it managed to nudge it to a slightly different angle; it works for the pose I like. Debated trying to nudge it more, but much like the head, it felt like it could snap if too much torque was applied.

I already have the VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Movie Version Focker on pre-order with HLJ and will be placing my pre-order for the VF-1A Super Valkyrie Hikaru in the next day or two. It will be interesting to see if the knee joints on those suffer a similar affliction. Even so, you can’t go wrong picking this one up; this is one inexpensive but well-built and fun figure to play with.

Joint gap... defect or design?  I'm going with defect.

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You probably shouldn’t mention where you bought it, or HG will shut it down… ^^;;