Review: Lupin the Third: Green VS Red

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Thought I would try something a bit different for this review. Let me know what you think of this experiment!


Steampunk-Girl on

Good thing to hear it’s entertaining, I’m specially waiting to see the animation. Sad to hear about Goro Naya’s voice, I really like him as Zenigata, and I think it would be quite difficult to find another voice that would fit perfectly. Also, I would like to know, what you think of the role of the rest of the gang, you know, how are Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko in this movie? Thanks fo rthe review, I thought your comments were funny ^^

Luis Cruz on


Thanks! Glad you liked the review. Other than Jigen and Zenigata, you don't see the rest of the gang much; Goemon and Fujiko hardly do anything. Jigen fans will have plenty to drool over as his few scenes provide some good comedy and action. I like what they did with Zenigata and his relationship with the Tokyo Police Department.

There were other detectives there that knew who he has and were working with him to an extent. Gave him a bit of depth not seen since his daughter was mentioned in Mamo. Otherwise, the focus was mostly on Yasuo and the myriad Lupins running about.

If you ever get the figure set up, (Assuming you aren't going to keep it in two pieces in the box as a collector's item) could you take a few pictures with a digital camera and upload some higher resolution shots? The black jacket design looks really nice (Nice enough for a fourth television series? I wish.)

Hopefully someone will eventually translate and make some subtitles for those of us who have trouble with any Japanese beyond "Abayo", "Taiho da!" and "Mata tsumaranumono wo kitte shimatta"

Luis Cruz on


Yeah, I'll be setting the figure up at some point and snapping some pics. If you don't see any by the end of the month, give me a nudge. Was hoping the black jacket would appear at the end as Lupin's new jacket, but it has no relationship to the OVA. It just looked cool to the sculptor. :)

Daniel Zelter on

Did they use old Yamada recordings in weird ways like that "final" South Park episode with Chef?

Luis Cruz on


If they did, I did not pick up on it at all.

snowcalico on

Hey man, long time no *see*. I kind of liked this way of reviewing. Really fun! Don't worry, I hate hearing my voice too.

Firstly, aesthetics: I am so happy that awesome smoking art was what they used for the box -- and woohoo free toy! I think that's probably along the same caliber as the Stylish DX figures. Love that collection so very much. Good quality figure for a fairly decent price.

Yeah, it's been kind of hard for me to listen to the entire cast for a couple years now. The age is really showing in everyone, but I'll agree Goro Naya is probably the most obvious.

I'm still really excited to see this OVA. I'll probably break down and order it tomorrow. Also time to keep an eye on YJ! for promo posters. I've been wanting one since the first concept art came out.

Luis Cruz on


Hey, hey; good to hear from you. Glad you liked the review. The toy wasn't entirely free; limited editions with goodies like that cost a few more gold rocks. ;) I've managed to resist the siren song of the Stylish DX figures; I have enough Lupin and other figures boxed up as it is.

Daniel Zelter on

Luis: BTW, is the secret behind multiple Lupins akin to "Luke, I’m your father" greatness, or just "the dude in the Crying Game is a chick" mediocrity?

Luis Cruz on


There isn't much of a "secret" behind it; the situation is a bit more straightforward. At least, that is what I understood from what I could translate on the fly.

You may already know but Naya Goro has been diagnosed with throat cancer so it’s just not his age that is affecting his performance. This is also a more likely reason for his reduced appearance in TV Specials than his age.

Luis Cruz on


I was not aware of his condition, though I'm not surprised. At least he is managing to do something despite his illness.

On a different note, would you happen to be mike.motaku from AoD?

Nope just a long time Lupin The Third fan and fan of your site.