Figure: PansonWorks Lupin the Third Green VS Red

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Packed in with the limited edition DVD of the recent Green VS Red OVA was a special figure sculpted by PansonWorks. Dressed in a black jacket, the preview photos for the figure had fans drooling over the possibilities it might hold for the OVA itself. Sadly, the black jacket did not play into the OVA’s story; you can check out my thoughts on the OVA for more details.

But, let’s talk about the figure itself; clad in a black jacket and pants, this figure completes its wardrobe with an orange dress shirt and purple tie. The black gives Lupin that signature cat burglar look, but the orange and purple accents allows Lupin’s devil-may-care attitude slip out a bit. What really drew my eye was the sculpt of the face; it’s sharp, clean, and with all the right details that makes the figure look like it stepped out of the television.

I’m not a big fan of the logos they slapped onto the jacket though; the front bears a small bullet and circular Lupin logo on the left lapel. They are small, but I would have preferred a clean black jacket or a small dab of color in the lapel like a handkerchief or carnation. The back of the jacket is emblazoned with two smoking Walthers, the circular logo, and a few other details. Would have preferred this to appear on the figure’s base, but you’ll likely be displaying this head-on leaving this image hidden.

As for the base, Lupin’s feet each bear two pegs that slot in easily but firmly into the solid black, circular base. The figure itself comes in two pieces; just push fit Lupin’s torso at the waist and stand him up. Close-up, the arms have noticeable join lines; you can’t remove the arms or pose them differently though. Stepping back, the lines look more like the folds of Lupin’s jacket, so this shouldn’t be a great distraction.

Overall, this is a nice, sizable PVC figure for one’s Lupin collection. It towers over my other figures, but it remains in the box for now until I can rearrange things and give him a decent spot. Didn’t spend much time snapping pics; the meat of this figure is the face sculpt. Tried to capture that as best I could. Enjoy!


snowcalico on

I actually realized recently that the figure is a recolor of an earlier figure (shows you how much time I spend on Yahoo!Japan Auctions). Pretty typical practice with Japanese collectable figures. Kind of a bummer they didn't make a totally new figure for the DVD, but it wasn't one I already had so it's not too big of a deal for me.

I have to concur on the symbol on the back of the jacket. I don't know why but it bugs me a little.

Ha, again sorry for replying to such an old entry. Catching up on my blogs after getting settled from moving!

Luis Cruz on


I thought the sculpt looked familiar, but I figured (ha! punny) it was a common enough pose that my mind may have just been incorrectly deja vu'ing. I find the back jacket symbol tacky, something the live-action Lupin would wear to match his tattoo. ;)

And you are always welcome to comment on any of my posts regardless of their age. I know how life can get in the way of the important net stuff. :D