Review: Golgo 13 Episode 19

1 minute read

Episode 19 A man has setup a lucrative trade in human organs for transplants and funnels the profits to a terrorist organization. Some government calls in Duke to stop the flow of money by stopping the flow of blood in this man and his bodyguard JJ. The catch this time is the target lives on an island encased in bulletproof glass. The only possible shot would be to ricochet a bullet off the water of the pool and into the main house. JJ, who just happens to be an Olympic gold medal shooter, assures everyone in elaborate detail that there is no possible angle to do this, and the magic of computers back him up on this point.

I think I have hit upon a solution that would make Golgo 13 slightly more entertaining to watch. Take a page from the original episodes of Urusei Yatsura and fill the 30 minute time slot with two, or possibly more, stories. Gone would be the plodding exposition explaining why the target is impossible and any other MacGuffins needed to fill the allotted time. Instead, you have a tight story that introduces the target, briefly explains the difficulty, and then right to watching Golgo 13 proving them all wrong. Otherwise, you just have episode after episode like this one; 20 minutes of ponderous setup for about five minutes of interesting content.