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An exercise in patience

2 minute read

Spent a good portion of late last night and today hacking away at a few site related things. After some stress at work, I remembered why Javascript is still ...

Review: Original Dirty Pair OVA Collection

less than 1 minute read

Taking a break from the Japan travelogue to post my review of Original Dirty Pair OVA Collection. Old school fans sound off in the AoD forums and share the ...

I’m big in Japan: Prologue

less than 1 minute read

It is a brand new year, and I still don’t have my on-line travelogue of my Japan trip up yet. It is coming close to the two year mark since I went, and I’m d...

Review: Inu Yasha Volume 49

less than 1 minute read

With all the Christmas joy of the past few days, I nearly forgot to post about my latest Inu Yasha review. As always, sound off in the AoD forums.

Tachikoma Trading Figures

less than 1 minute read

Another early Xmas present to myself from HobbyLink Japan (3600¥). Cute little buggers… Got a full set out of the case including two secret colors – silver a...