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Review: Inu Yasha Movie 04

less than 1 minute read

The last Inu Yasha film (at least for now) receives my attention. Agree or disagree with me in the forum.

Review: Inu Yasha Volume 45

less than 1 minute read

Only eleven more volumes to go; you can read the review and then savage me in the forums.

An exercise in patience

1 minute read

I certainly hope the old adage is true; using the birthday money I received, I decided to treat myself to a shiny new DS Lite along with New Super Mario Brot...

Put not your faith in old adages

less than 1 minute read

Third time was not a charm; blew my entire lunch hour hauling DS#2 to the Watertown store for another exchange. The sales clerk tried pushing the extended wa...

Fab Four?

less than 1 minute read

DS4 is charged and tested; so far, no dead pixels or sound issues. I may finally have a winner here. The Braintree Best Buy finally had some in stock, and ...

And so it begins…

less than 1 minute read

Behold my new blog… yeah, default templates are never pretty, but it will be improving over time. Basically, I’ve been running a LiveJournal for roughly two ...